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Dogwood Farm - An intimate boarding facility
The Sanctuary:
In 2005, we established Dogwood Farm Sanctuary as a not-for-profit organization to protect animals. We had already been doing rescue work for more than 12 years, placing more than 300 animals. Under the name Dogwood Farm Sanctuary, we are continuing this mission with the assistance of tax-deductible contributions.

The mission of Dogwood Farm Sanctuary is to provide medical care, food, shelter and companionship to orphaned or abandoned animals, including horses, dogs, cats, ducks and roosters. Although we find wonderful homes for some of the dogs and cats, many are deemed unadoptable because of age, temperament or special needs. For these animals, the perfect home does not exist. Dogwood Farm Sanctuary then can offer a permanent sanctuary.

Because many of the unadoptable animals become permanent residents, our intake volume is low and turnover rate is slow. WE DO NOT TAKE OWNER’S ANIMALS OR A PET THAT YOU HAVE FOUND without a substantial donation ($5,000) – we just don’t have the space or the financial resources. We have found most of our dogs and cats on the side of the road or have rescued from last-chance situations. We are and have to be realistic about our ability to provide for the many animals in our care.

At Dogwood Farm Sanctuary, the horses are all out on pasture and are fed in individual stalls. The dogs reside in a first-rate kennel facility or in our home, grouped by age and temperament. Daily human interaction and play is a priority with all of our animals. The cats are in two groups, one group in the feed room and upstairs in the barn, another in a cat-only building with an outdoor enclosure. Our cats do not go outside.

Dogwood Farm Sanctuary is an idyllic setting for these animals, one that we have provided over the years with very few contributions from outside resources. It was simply the right thing to do for these creatures.

What makes us different?
While we do adopt to very select homes, we aren't just an adoption agency for dogs and cats. We often take the hard cases and, when needed, offer a lifetime sanctuary, respecting the animal’s life. While Dogwood Farm Sanctuary is not the answer for all of the unwanted animals in the St. Louis area, it is a small sanctuary that can make a significant difference in the lives of about 60 animals at a time.

How can you help?
Please consider a gift to our organization that will provide care for our animals. Your donation to Dogwood Farm Sanctuary would cover food, veterinary expenses and supplies. It would have a substantial impact on each individual animal. To make a tax-deductible donation, send a check made out to Dogwood Farm Sanctuary, P.O. Box 53, Troy, MO 63379.

Vehicle DonationIf you'd like the proceeds from your car donation to make a tax deductable gift to Dogwood Farm Sanctuary, click here. Board members:
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Rescued Pet - Nick
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