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The Facility
Our facility is custom-designed to address the needs of boarding guests along with our own dogs. We have ample space—large indoor/outdoor runs and three exercise yards connected to the kennels with a fenced and terraced walkway.

Our biggest concern when designing this facility was having the dogs feel like they were in a home environment rather than a kennel. Obviously, for the health and safety of the dogs, chain link and separate quarters are a necessity, but our office area serves as the home or living space. We have a television, desk, computer, phone, daybed, bookshelf and refrigerator in the office, and we spend time with our dogs and the boarding dogs there. Human companionship and lower stress levels are important to keeping dogs emotionally healthy, both on a permanent basis and while dogs are away from home.


The kennel was also designed to maximize our observation of all the dogs; the windows into all the areas in the hallways and doors facilitate this. Your dog will never be stuck in the corner, at the end of an outbuilding or lost in a crowd of 50 other boarding dogs. In fact, we only have 10 boarding runs available. We are small and intimate. In addition, the only staff members are Ben and Elizabeth.


Controlled Climate
In the fall and spring, we move fresh air through the kennel with seven ceiling fans and a screened back door with a mobile exhaust fan. Dog doors and lots of windows provide plenty of airflow. In the winter, zoned, radiant heat heats the floors. The heating coils in the floor are under half the kennel runs for safety and comfort reasons: some dogs like cooler temperatures and can get to unheated floor space. Heated floors also speed drying after we wash and disinfect the inside runs—particularly in colder temperatures, when the doors are closed to retain heat.

In the summer, the kennels are air-conditioned and outside exposure will be restricted during the heat of the day. In addition, the boarding kennels face the east and are partially shaded. Dogs will be confined to the inside kennels by 11 p.m. and let out by 7 a.m. Exceptions are made at the owner’s request or for the dog’s health and safety.
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